Dr. Alexandra VANLEENE

Alexandra VANLEENE is a doctor in Antiquity Sciences specializing in Gandhāran Buddhist Art and Archaeology, and the founder of the Haḍḍa Archeo Database Project. Her research focuses mainly on the artistic tradition of modelling in the decoration of Buddhist monasteries in Afghanistan, particularly in Haḍḍa, the geographical expansion of Gandhāra art, and the development of its regional characteristics.

From 2005 to 2012, she was in charge of Archaeological Operations in the framework of the Franco-Afghan Mission for the Prospection and Excavation of Bāmiyān led by Prof. Zémaryalaï Tarzi. Since 2021, she has been involved in the Digital Gandhara Project of the Harvard FAS CAMLab as an independent academic advisor.

Thierry BEAT

Thierry BEAT is an expert in Information Systems and Network Security for over twenty years. Passionate about the evolution of web technologies, he is the designer of the Haḍḍa Archéo Database website, created by combining recent methods and techniques to achieve an accessible, responsive result that respects web standards.